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Resources to help support your preschooler's communication development.

Preschool Resources: Text

Navigating Special Education for Preschoolers

The below presentation is designed to help caregivers understand the differences between Early Intervention and school-based services.  Learn about:

  • Transitioning from Early Intervention to Special Education

  • The referral, evaluation, and eligibility process

  • Related services:  speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy

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Preschool Resources: Image
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Has your preschool-aged child been referred to the Child Study Team?

What to Bring to the Meeting

  • A copy of your child's birth certificate

  • Proof of parent identification (e.g., license, passport) 

  • Proof of Jersey City residence (e.g., utility bill, phone bill) 

  • Proof of vision screening or examination less than one year old

  • Proof of hearing screening or examination less than one year old.

  • Any documentation from Early Intervention (e.g., IFSP, BDI scores)

  • Any relevant medical or developmental evaluation reports

Preschool Resources: About

Preschool Resources

The Department of Early Childhood is committed to providing the 3- and 4-year old children, who are Jersey City residents, with developmentally appropriate preschool experiences.

Kids in Preschool

Learn how to register your child for preschool in Jersey City.

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Early childhood centers contracted with JCBOE.

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Strategies for birth through six years old.

Drawing Face

This packet is full of ideas for facilitating language during play.

Playing with Wooden Toys

Tips For Preschool Teachers & Other Early Childhood Education Program Providers

Art Class

Digital library for children!

Preschool Resources: Products
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