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Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)

AAC includes all of the ways we share our ideas and feelings without talking.

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Our AAC Team


Alexander Nikodem

Kathryn Boruta

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How do I model AAC?

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Learn More About AAC

AAC Information

What is AAC?  Check out ASHA's extensive information on Alternative and Augmentative Communication.

AAC Institute

AAC Institute, established in 2000, is a resource for all who are interested in enhancing the communication of people who rely on AAC.

CSH Camp Chatterbox

Camp Chatterbox is a one week overnight camp for children and young adults, ages 5-22, who use synthesized Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices. All campers participate in a range of social, recreational, and educational activities to promote use of their communication systems and interact with other children.

How Parents and Teachers Can Support Children Using AAC

A guide for parents and teachers from Speech and Language Kids.

AAC & You

A handout for parents.

PrAACtical AAC

Video of the Week.

AAC-Inclusive Books

All the books on this list were written by parents of AAC users or SLPs, hoping to share the joy of communication no matter the method.

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AAC in Jersey City

Jersey City is taking a proactive stance in its school district by embracing Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) to support the diverse needs of its students.  Through innovative programs and collaborations, the  district has implemented AAC technology and training for educators, enabling students with speech and communication challenges to effectively express themselves.  This initiative not only fosters inclusivity and equal educational opportunities, but also paves the way for a more inclusive and accessible learning environment, ensuring that all students can thrive and succeed.

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AAC: Portfolio

Communication Boards for Jersey City Public Schools

Contributed by JCEA member Maggie Cecchini, M.A., CCC-SLP

As I was browsing online, I found a fellow New Jersey speech therapist, Molly Cervini from Eat Play Learn LLC, who unveiled a communication board in her local park.  A communication board is a sheet of symbols, pictures or photos that a child will learn to point to, to communicate with those around them.  This sparked my interest. It was a wonderful idea to support inclusivity for nonspeaking children within their local community.  

When I presented the idea of obtaining a community communication board for our district, the administration whole-heartedly supported my vision. We are extremely grateful that Subaru’s “Share the Love“ was able to fund seven communication boards for the Jersey City Public Schools. Each board will be placed near cafeterias or in outdoor courtyards at schools that have a high population of students on the autism spectrum.  

The boards will enable nonspeaking students to have access to language support during lunch and recess. Not only will the boards benefit the students with functional communication skills, but they will also promote interdisciplinary collaboration for speech-language pathologists and teachers.

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AAC Continuum

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Meet Elizabeth Bonker, a non-speaking autistic woman who delivered the commencement speech at Rollins College via AAC.

AAC: Video

Watch as Ahmed Ali delivers his graduation speech via communication device.

AAC: Video

This video gives a brief glimpse into how Tyler, who has cerebral palsy and a significant visual impairment progressed from not having a way to talk, to learning to navigate through 8 word choices, and eventually being able to navigate through thousands of words to say whatever he wants to say.

AAC: Video

This video shows the importance of teaching core vocabulary to individuals with disabilities. It is a powerful video.

AAC: Video

Nico learns to use pictures to communicate.

AAC: Video
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