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Free Receptive Language Resources

Winter Receptive Language Freebie

This is great to teach some winter vocabulary as well as paying attention to details when looking at a picture.

Following Directions - Make a Snowman

Students follow directions to create three unique snowmen. Following directions helps young children develop their receptive language skills.

FREE Fictional Short Stories for Language Comprehension

Engage your child with short story language comprehension!

Thanksgiving Following Directions Freebie

Practice following directions with this Thanksgiving-themed activity.

Object Function Boards

Have your child identify items and sort them by their function.

Object Function Worksheets

Match pictures of objects to their functions.

Find Our House!

Listen to details that describe a house. Choose the correct house after
listening to the description.

Make a Pizza Game

Give your child simple and complex directions to help them create a pizza!

Identify Everyday Objects by Function

This is an activity that helps students identify an object based on its function.

Receptive Language Materials: Files
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