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Expressive Language Materials


Practice answering "who," "what," and "where" questions with JCBOE speech-language pathologist Alex!

Categories at Home

Use this sheet to help you and your child work on naming items in categories at home.

Expressive Language Picture Prompts

Students can verbally answer the questions or write their answers to practice written language skills.

Expressive Language At Home

This handout provides parents with 6 strategies that they can use at home to help their child develop age-appropriate expressive language skills

FREEBIE Expressive Language Worksheets

 From opposites and synonyms to categories to compare and contrast, these six worksheets make your life simple.

Action Words & Pictures

Use these pictures to work on action words and building utterance length!


This activity provides visual support for answering simple WH-questions.

Asking WH-Questions

Work on using WH-questions appropriately with this fun interactive game.

Wh-Question Jeopardy!

Test your abilities with this fun game our SLP Laura made!

Story Retell

This lesson targets retelling short stories, without pictures, using a graphic organizer (speech bubbles).

Expanding Sentences with GIFs

Work on expanding sentences with fun, animated pictures!

Wordless Videos

Watch and discuss. Comprehension questions included!

Expressive Language Materials: Files
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